The Kudos Golf Project

Kudos Golf is an indoor driving range that offers virtual golf and is open 24/7. Their booking system is fully automated from making a reservation online up until unlocking the entrance door.

They opened their business in the first half of 2021 when certain COVID restrictions were still in place, and needed help to promote their business on social media.

Video Ads

To establish a new business in a competitive market, social media ads were essential for generating leads. Here are two video ads designed for Facebook and Instagram, aiming to ignite excitement for golf and exude high energy vibes.

Static Ads – Digital and Print

Alongside video ads, static images were created to enhance engagement and promote exclusive limited time offers and special day promotions for both digital and traditional print marketing.

Print Materials

As Kudos Golf operates with full automation, there are occasions when customers encounter print materials and ads at the facility. Below are images crafted for Tournaments and Membership packages.