Project Overview

At that time, they had 4 different websites where each one covered local news within that city. For context, the cities were:
Mississauga (, Brampton (, Hamilton (, Halton (, all in Ontario. was the first website built which had the highest traffic and the most brand recognition. So the plan was to merge the content from all websites into one main website and make them subsections. For example:,, and so on.

Tech Specs


CMS Platform: All four websites were built on the Drupal which was using a version that was scheduled to be outdated and no longer supported.

The first option was to upgrade Drupal to the newest version and figure out a way to merge all four websites into one. The second option was to switch CMS platforms and convert it to a WordPress website for scalability and flexibility in terms of content plugins and functionality.

After discussing both options, the decision was made to switch everything over to WordPress. A simple flowchart to visualize the plan going forward.